Welcome to Interkors Magazine

A quarterly sex-positive art and literary publication based in Denver, Colorado.

Welcome to Interkors Magazine, a sex-positive arts and literary publication out of Denver, Colorado.

Interkors Magazine is an opportunity for diverse peoples to participate in a conversation about sexuality and gender in a world where shame, religion, and money control the truth about sex, and mainstream medias fail to tell the whole story of what sexuality means to us.

We want to talk about sex because it is ancient, universal, and ever-changing. Sex is biology and sex is sociology. Sex is spirituality and ingenuity. Sex is politics, economics, and aesthetics. Sex is as much about institutions as it is orgasms.

We want to question what is weird, what is beautiful, what is sexy, what is normal? And we want our readers to begin asking themselves these same questions.

The Interkors Team